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You shouldn’t waste your time applying for jobs with a poorly written resume that is going to go straight into the reject bin. And you shouldn’t waste your money by having a perfectly fine resume rewritten by industry cowboys.

Let us review your resume and provide you with honest, personalised feedback and advice – not an automatic email reply.

Writing about yourself is hard and time consuming. We understand that. Your expertise is in the job you do – not writing about it. Submit your resume now for a free review, and make sure that you are giving yourself the best chance to land that interview.

FREE resume review

Fill out the form, attach your resume, and one of our consultants will get right back to you with some free feedback and advice.

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How long will it take to get my resume?

Our standard turnaround time is three working days from the time of your consultation to the time you get your draft documents. When we receive your feedback, your consultant will aim to make any necessary amendments the same day, usually within a few hours.

How do I pay?

Payment is required up front, and most clients pay over the phone at the end of their consultation. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and direct bank transfer. Payment plans can be arranged in certain circumstances; just ask if you would like more information.

Who do you write resumes for?

Everyone! We have written for almost every occupation and every industry you can think of. From graduate midwives to senior mines inspectors and everyone in between. Hospitality, administration, trades, engineering, academia, specialist sciences, healthcare, retail … the list goes on and on

Can you guarantee I will get a job using a resume you write for me?

No. We’ll provide you with a great resume and any other documents you need. You bring your skills, experience and personality. Hopefully that’s the perfect combination to land you that dream job! And we’d love you to let us know when that happens. We love a happy ending.

Can I make changes to the final documents?

Absolutely. We send you your final documents in both PDF and MS Word format so that you can edit and update them as you need to in the future. Our resumes not only look great but are easy to use, even for people with the most basic computer skills. However, many clients do like us to update their documents for them, and there is a small charge for this.

I like my resume and just want some small updates. Can you do that?

Of course we can. Sometimes we are sent resumes to review that already great, or just need a couple of minor changes. We always provide honest feedback, and if we think your resume is great the way it is, we say so. We aren’t about selling you services you don’t need, and if you just want your latest job details added to a perfectly fine resume, we are happy to do that.

I'm not sure what service I need. How can I work that out?

Our pricing is based on your work experience and seniority level, regardless of your industry or profession. You can see examples of roles in each service level here. Or just call us, and we can give you a firm quote straight away.

I don't have an old resume, so how do I get the information to you?

Sending us your old resume is the quickest way we can learn all about your work history and figure out what additional information we need from you. But if you are starting from nothing, that's okay too! We will give you a form to fill out and send back before our consultation. It won’t take you longer than 15 minutes.

Do I have to meet you in person?

No. Although we love it when we get to meet you in person, almost all of our client contact is over the phone and via email. We spend as much time on the phone as we need to, and consultation times vary from a quick 10 minutes to up to an hour.

What if I lose the resume you write for me?

We can email you another copy. Crisis solved.

I'm not happy with my documents. What do I do?

Hmmm, we're not sure. This never happens! Ok seriously, don’t forget that the first documents you receive are drafts for discussion, and we make changes as needed. We always expect you to have some feedback for us, things that you would like changed, or information that you want to add. We don’t limit the number of revisions we do ─ we keep working for you until you are 100% happy. However, if after a couple of review cycles, things still aren’t working out, we need to talk about it. Tell your Consultant exactly what you don’t like about your documents, so that we can identify the issues and work to resolve them. At this point, your job will be managed by a Senior Consultant, who can offer you a full or partial refund if necessary. We take customer service seriously and work quickly to resolve issues on the rare occasions they arise.